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How dark is the glass you use?

Our privacy glass has been factory tinted (dyed) to 82% so it lets in 18% light.  The windows look very dark from the outside but you can see out from inside (think of it like sunglasses).

Is the glass film tinted?

No, our privacy glass is factory dyed so you cannot scratch off or damage the tint.

What is a bonded window?

A bonded window means the window is simply ‘bonded’ (glued) to the side of the van.  This meals that a hole is cut in the side of the van and the window is larger than the aperture and is then bonded onto the extra metal around the aperture.

Bonded windows are different to the old way of fitting windows with rubber seals, they are less prone to leaking and far better looking!

How long until I can drive?

This depends on a few factors including the type/size of window and temperature.

Although your van will be driveable after 2 hours we recommend (especially with bigger van windows) to leave it overnight where possible.